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Last modified: February 2016

 Remaining programme for 2017

Interfaith meetings specifically for …

Ladies & Children

Saturday 4th November
2pm to 4pm in the Pilgrim Centre, Dale Street, Craven Arms
Lesley McKnight of “Scrappies” will bring material for the children (and adults) to make models. Also a local living in Craven Arms, Lesley will explain more about the work of “Scrappies”

Thursday 7th December  Noon Round Table Pilgrim Centre

Subject & leader tba

The Pilgrim Centre is at Dale St, Craven Arms SY7 9NY

Women’s Group further dates to Be Advised

Round Table meetings are 12 noon for a 12:15pm start, when a topical subject will be introduced for 10 minutes or so followed by a lively discussion finishing at 1:15pm. You are welcome to bring a “picnic lunch”.  

Suggestions for Round Table topics are welcomed and invited. Likewise suggestions for speakers/topics for evening meetings and pilgrimage destinations.

Evening meetings will normally open at 7pm with refreshments to commence at 7:30pm sharp.

And in the remainder of  2017 Subject to change

Thursday 24th Oct  3pm at CasCA, Craven Arms

One World Week Event

Good Neighbours! My world depends on us. Who is my Neighbour?

Families, children, young people and friends

Join us to explore this in a Bring and Share teatime treats

Event….  2:30pm. to 4:30pm

Films, craft, Harvest fruits and More.


 However a substitute happening, may happen !!!

Next Roundtable CANCELLED

Thursday 19th Oct  Noon Round Table Pilgrim Centre

Are you an Angry Young (or Old) Man?

This is an opportunity for us all to look at what our faiths say about ANGER

In Judaism and Christianity there is a development culminating for Christians in the ‘turn the other cheek’ bit.

Janet Longstaff will lead & seek an insight as to how Religion should be part of the solution for achieving social harmony in our complex society rather than be seen as part of the problem of keeping different groups apart and hostile to each other.


See Roundtable basics explained at the foot of this page


Monday 20th November 7:30pm
Our AGM with
Simon Nightingale

“Religion and Medicine in Conflict”.

Simon will offer us a wide ranging review, followed by open discussion, of such issues as contraception, abortion, assisted dying, male genital mutilation, proscription of blood transfusions, dietary restrictions, persistent vegetative state, petitionary prayer and theodicy amongst others”.

At the URC Church Stretton

Simon Nightingale is a partly retired doctor, a clinical neurologist with a particular interest in philosophical aspects of neuroscience – consciousness, free will, the neural substrate for empathy and morality and so on. He has been a humanist for many years and he conducts humanist ceremonies, mainly funerals and some weddings. He is the humanist representative on the Shrewsbury SACRE (the Local Authority committee that oversees Religious Education and Collective Worship in our Shropshire state schools) and is a member of the Shrewsbury Interfaith Forum. He regularly talks on Radio Shropshire’s Sunday morning religious affairs program and teaches about humanism in local schools as part or their Religious Education. Since 2015 he has been chair of the Shropshire Humanist Group. He is also a keen metagrobologist and an award winning designer of mechanical puzzles (metagrobology is the study of puzzles.)